selected works

Deep Six (2017)
Sci-Fi Drama | Sony FS7
Space Mop Productions
Director: Davin Lengyel

Second Jen (2016)
Sitcom | Comedy | Sony FS7
Don Ferguson Productions | CityTV
Director: Romeo Candido

Sudden Master (2015)
Web Series | Red Dragon
TUG Productions | Space Mop
Director: Romeo Candido

Second City Sketch Project - 2nd Unit (2014)
Comedy | Series | Red Epic
Second City
Director: Mike Fly

Corner Gas: The Movie - Digital (2014)
Comedy | Feature | 5DmkIII
CTV | Verite Films
Director: Davin Lengyl | Rob de Lint

Domo Webseries Ep 3/4 (2013)
Comedy | 5DmkIII
Director: Jon Pottins

​Sep - Left (2013)
Music Video | Red Epic
Pills and Alcohol
Director: Andre Rehal
Second Jen (2013)
Web Series | Comedy | Red Epic / Scarlet
T.U.G. Productions
Director: Joseph O'Brien
K.Simone - Can You Hear Me (2013)
Music Video | Red Epic
LAC Productions
Director: Shawn Haynes
Y E A R: Prologue (2012)​
Series | Action/Horror | Red Epic/One/Scarlet
Spectacle Media Inc.
Director: Adam Clark / Tomasz Kurek
My Bloody Bachelorette (2012)
Feature Film | Thriller | Red Epic
Spectacle Media Inc.
Director: Tomasz Kurek

Be A  Man (2012)
Short | Drama | Red One MX
Deeper Dimension Films
Director: Bob Gottfried

The Proposal: Access Granted (2012)
Short | Action | Red One MX
Love And Crossbones Productions
Director: Shawn Haynes
To Fall From Love Part 1 (2011)
Short | Drama | Red One MX | Red Scarlet
Envoi Entertainment
Director: Harman Gill
Nanoscience in Medicine (2010)
Short | Documentary | HMC150
Bambu Pictures
Director: Chris Butcher
The Woman Language (2012)
Short | Drama Comedy | 5Dmk2
Director: Jeff Yung
Red Rabbit (2011)
Short | Action | 60D | 5Dmk2
Spectacle Media Inc.
Director: Tomasz Kurek
Out Of Angst (2008)
Short | Drama | DVX100B
TDS Entertainment
Director: James Rowan
Evol Makeup  (2015)
Commercial | Black Magic Cinema Camera
Riverlife Productions
Director: David Gibson

Lucas and the Count - 2nd Unit (2014)
Feature | Red Dragon
Monster Mime Productions
Director: Brent Cote

ACTRA diversity PSA (2014)
Commercial | 5DmkIII
ACTRA Toronto
Director: Bobby Del Rio
Corner Gas: The Movie - Cineplex Spot (2014)
Commercial | 5DmkIII
Cineplex | Verite Films
Director: Rob de Lint

Whatever Happened to Kitty Go Lightly? (2014)
Short Film | RED ONE
Angry Monkey Productions
Director: Matthew Yipchuck | Samantha Wan

Catalyst - Pickups (2012/2013)
Feature Film | Thriller / Action | Red Epic
Impact Digital Works
Director: Neil MacKay | Michael Dragnea

​Weight Watchers/Running Room 360 (2012)
Commercial | 5Dmk2
Weber Shandwick
Director: Teddy Ghanime

Dempsters Healthy Breads (2012)
Commercial | C300
Weber Shandwick
Director: Teddy Ghanime

Windows 7 - College (2011)​
Commercial | Comedy | 5Dmk2
Nicol Films
Director: Sean Nicol

In Between (2012)​
Short | Drama | 5Dmk2
Actra Co-Op
Director: Jeff Yung

The Devil's Mile - Segments (2011)​
Feature Film | Horror | 5Dmk2 | FS100
Grover's Mill
Director: Joseph O'Brien

In The Key of Z - Episode 5 (2011)
Television | Comedy | 7D
Nocturnal Emissions
Director: Keith Cooper

Coming to a University (2010)​
Short | Documentary | HVX200
Bambu Pictures
Director: David Whillans

Severance (2008)​
Short | Sci-Fi | DVX100B
Moonlight Road Productions
Director: Dany Gehshan

Kraft Dinner - KiD (2010)
Commercial | Comedy | DVX100B
Ashley Films
Director: Brett Ashley
The Leading Lion (2006)
Documentary | DVX100B/S16mm
AMMAC Production
Director: Dave Lam

The Bag (2006)
Short | Action | S16mm
TDS Entertainment
Director: Dave Lam
North York General Hospital - Diabetes (2013)
Commercial | 5DmkIII
Spectacle Media Inc
Director: Noemie Terrio

Diaz ft. Che -Ride (2013)
Music Video | Black Magic Cinema Camera
Fedup FIlms
Director: Mark Tytler

Play Dates - Last Night Alive(2013)
Music Video | RED EPIC
Inbetween Worlds
Director:Daisy MacLean

Lost and Sold S01E12 (2013)
TV Reality | C300
RTR Media | SliceTV
Director: Karen McDermott

Cadilac Ranch (2013)
TV Reality | 5Dmk3
Peace Point Ent | Parkdale Pictures
Director: John Turner

Lexi Tellings - Nirvana (2011)
Music Video | 5Dmk2
Spectacle Media Inc.
Director: Tomasz Kurek

​Alleviate (2010)
Short | Drama | 550D
Spectacle Media Inc.
Director: Dave Lam

Septo Samy - Nevr (2011)
Music Video | 550D
Pills and Alcohol
Director: Andre Rehal
Dave has also been a focus puller and camera operator on tv shows such as: Cold Blood, HGTV Love it or List it!, Dangerous Persuasions, Mystery In Paradise, Murders and Motives, But I'm Chris Jericho! and One Night Stand, 

Focus Pulling on Commercials with clients such as Rogers Wireless, Sears, Coca Cola, Kraft and CBC.  

As well as Camera Operating and Focus Pulling on a large amount of shorts and features, Dave is also well versed in a multitude of different Cameras.
In addition, Dave is DAX | Certified.