Dave Lam, born and raised in Toronto, is a first generation Chinese Canadian.  His parents raised him to be mathematical and scientific, with little to do with the arts.  In 1996, he began training Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.  Through his practices, he began coaching and did a variety of martial arts performances, including stage plays with martial arts.  This spawned his love for the arts.  

At first going to Wilfrid Laurier University for Honors Biology with an undergraduate of Psychology; he dropped out and started working at CBC in a temporary capacity, cataloging old VHS tapes, then moving into the CBC store department, then landing in the TV A&E Drama department for a few years.  During this time, he started getting his degree in film, attending Ryerson University in the evenings while working at CBC during the day.  He saved up enough money and bought himself a Panasonic DVX100B and began shooting any videos that people would let him shoot.  From weddings to nightclub promo videos, martial arts videos,  dance competitions and even a few short films.  He eventually decided to leave CBC and persue his full degree.  In 2009, he recieved his BFA in Film Studies and a certification in Film for Cinematography, Producing and Screenwriting from Ryerson University.

For the next two years after he graduated, Dave worked on any set he could get on in the Camera Department.  Applying to every single post on and Craig's List.  He began camera assisting in a variety of productions, while taking any Director of Photography job that became available to him along the way.  Eventually Dave created enough of a name for himself that he could begin turning down assisting jobs and begin acting soley as a Director of Photography and camera operator.

Since then he's been working on bigger and bigger projects and hopes to keep growing!